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Richard Scott






My name is Richard Scott, I was born in 1976 and I have lived all my life in Sheffield.

I have always been interested in both cage and wild birds and I took the decision to enter the world of exhibition budgerigars in 2010.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet some fantastic characters in the hobby and would advise anyone with even the slightest interest in birds to come along to the next Sheffield BS meeting night.


My present birdroom is of brick construction and measures 22 feet x 15 feet. I have made the bird area L shaped to accommodate a kitchen & a toilet for visitors.

I have minimised the running costs as much as possible by fully insulating the building and lining the faces in plastic for easy cleaning. I have a 2.5KwP solar system installed on the roof to cover all the heating and lighting usage. Hot and cold running water, dishwasher and satellite TV for super Sundays!

I have 30 breeding cages, 1 full height flight, 4 half flight and 10 stock cages.

A comprehensive alarm and CCTV system was also incorporated during the build.


Anyone who visited Dennis Spruce in 2008/9 would know why I have based my birds on the Huxley & Marchant stud, simply stunning is the only way I can describe what I saw. Dennis had become world champion by the time my birdroom was ready and his birds were highly sought after so I made the decision to contact Alan Marchant since Dennis’s birds were largely based on the H&M bloodline.

Alan has treated me extremely well and I have been very fortunate to purchase some good quality birds from him. Obviously not from Alan’s better lines but still related nonetheless. I decided to purchase older better quality birds that Alan was willing to part with. The idea being ‘if I just get 1 or 2 out of them I will be happy’! This was a gamble I was willing to take and not all the hens I have purchased bred but 3 did and needless to say these have formed the foundation of my stud.




Once I had a strong family base on which to build from I have slowly added outcrosses from The Bowker Stud, Kevin Sykes, Bob Hudson, Martin Dunkley, Keith Moorhouse and most recently I acquired the stud of Paul Huntley. Paul was someone I was working with and knew the lines clicked well so when Paul decided to leave the hobby, it was an opportunity I couldn't refuse.


In 2015 I started to develop & manufacture my own range of feeds so I could control the quality and nutrition levels more accurately. Largely based on the Alan Marchant philosophy of offering a broad range of seeds, I first developed a seed called Prime WRP.  This mix consists of White millet, Jap millet, Red Dari, White Dari, Red Millet, Sunflower Hearts, VAM pellets, Grass Seeds, Yellow Millet, Garden Cress seed, Wild Carrot seed, Radish seed, Clover seed, Spinach seed, Poppy seed, Niger seed, brown perilla, Onion seed & Rape seed. 


Important to note this mix contains no plain canary. I feed Versele Laga plain canary in a dish on its own. this reduces waste significantly. 

I then developed my own softfood which is fed daily to all birds. . This is available in 20kg and is called 'Prime Complete' and contains the following. 

Bakery products, Beans, Beetroot Juice, Brewers Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium, Carrot (dried), Cod liver oil, Crustaceans, Dandelion, di-Calcium Phosphate, Fish meal, Forage Meal, Fructo-oligosaccharides, fruits, Garlic, Hemp, Honey, Magnesium Oxide, Maltrodextrin, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, Micronized rolled oats, Mint, Molluscs, Naked Oats, Nettle, Oils & Fats, Oregano, Peas, Probiotic (wheat strain), Rapeseed oil, Red clover heads, Rosehips, Seaweed, Sodium Chloride, Soya flour, Spices, Thyme, Wheat feed, Wheat Protein, Wheatgerm, Whey Protein, Soya flour,

As you can see from the nutritional breakdown below, I called it complete because it is just that. Complete!

Protein 15.33%, Oil 4.52%, Fibre 4.22%, Ash 3.09% Protein Isoleucine% 0.18mg, Leucine 0.29mg, Lysine 1116.23g, Methionine 226.48mg, Phenylalanine 0.12mg, Threonine 0.2mg, Tryptophan 0.05mg, Valine 0.18mg, Protein Alanine 0.07mg, Arginine 0.03mg, Aspartic acid 0.16mg, Cystine/Cysteine 0.06mg, Glutamic acid 0.52mg, Glycine 0.14mg, Histidine 0.07mg, Proline 0.16mg, Serine 0.15mg, Tyrosine 0.04mg, Wheatgerm 1.42mg, Carbohydrates 0.17mg, Carbohydrates of which sugar 0.03mg, Fat 1.35mg, Fat of which saturates 0.01mg, Sodium 144.73mg, Calcium 699.27mg, Vitamin A 3498.69i.u, Vitamin B1 4.54mg, Vitamin B2 3.48mg, Vitamin b3 0.54mg, Vitamin B5 Trace, Vitamin B6 1.81mg, Vitamin B9 Trace, Vitamin B12 0.1mg, Vitamin C 10.18mg, Vitamin D3 762.48i.e,  Vitamin E 1509 i.e, Vitamin K 1mg, Vitamin PP 2mg, Phosphorus 0.584mg, Iodine 0.23mg, Potassium 0.251mg, Iron  24.04mg, Cobalt Trace, Copper 39.19mg, Magnesium 9.152mg, Manganese 19.12mg, b-carot 0.23mg, chloride 15.41mg, folic acid 1.17mg, biotin 1.37mg, zinc 80.16mg, selenium 0.124mg, l-Carnitine 1.33mg, pantothenic acid 3.84mg, nicotinic acid 6.79mg, MSM 96mg, Bentonite 5580.6mg,



I love the breeding side of the hobby far more than showing although I am hoping to take part as and when time allows.


I want to build a stud of birds that people admire and want to purchase from.

For Sale

Birds always for sale from £20.00 each.

Contact me on 07766 100339