Sheffield Budgerigar Society

About the SBS

Founded in 1936, Sheffield BS is a forward thinking club that offers a great insight into the world of keeping, breeding and exhibiting budgerigars.

The club has been extremely fortunate over the years, in that a few of its members have been some of the countries most prolific winners on the show bench.

This invaluable knowledge has and still is being passed down to everyone during the well attended monthly meetings. A wide variety of organised events such as guest speakers and aviary visits are laid on throughout the year.

New members are always welcome and junior membership is free of charge.

Current full paying adult membership is only £15.00 per year.

Any individual with a remote interest in budgerigars would be well served to join the Sheffield BS.

Go along for an evening’s entertainment with like minded folk, take advice from some of the UKS leading fanciers and have some good banter along the way.


Sheffield Budgerigar Society.



John Baker